Who we are

Who we are

It hasn’t been easy but we were reluctant to leave the incomparable land of our roots, The Cerdanya. In the 80s the roof gave way, Cal Rei had been abandoned for some years. In 1990 we repaired the roof and the mountains realized we were back to stay.

Later, in 1996, with great respect, we rebuilt, stone by stone, beam by beam. Now we want to live in symbiosis with our mountains and offer the warmth, passion and affection we have put into the house. We were joined by Maria(2001), Bernat(2003) and Martina in 2006 and that’s it ,for now!! If grandfather Sebastià could see. it...

Piluca & Lluís

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The house

An antique farmhouse respecting all the original elements of its original identity and reflecting the simple charm of the high Catalan Pyrenees. Its privileged south facing position gives an extraordinary panoramic view of The Cadi Sierra and the Cerdanya Valley.

The Pyrenees

The Cerdanya is different, atypical. The orientation East - west, (unique) in the valleys of the Pyrenees, provides it a very benign climate and an enviable sunstroke. Lles's privileged situation, to 33 km from Puigcerdà and also of The Seu d'Urgell, to 43 km from Andorra and to 1500m.

Of altitude, to the margin of the great valley, our 5 villages have preserved with character of village, without spoiling them; alive own. Variety of put up signs itineraries, excursions and voyages for the interior of the Nature reserve of the " Cadi - Moixeró " and the Natural Space and National Reserve of Hunt for "Tossa Plana-Puigpedrós", with lakes, rivers and peaks near to them 3000 m. In the winter with cross-country skiing or rackets in the ski tracks of Lles i Aransa.

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